Happy Nurses Month!
This month, and always, we are proud of your work and proud to support you as you care for patients and demonstrate to the world the power of nurses.

View special offers, including these 4 FREE NCPD activities:

  • A Looming Threat within a Pandemic: Vaccine Hesitancy and Refusal 1 contact hour; COUPON CODE: NNM2021Science
  • The Role of Nurses as Allies Against Racism and Discrimination: An Analysis of Key Resistance Movements of Our Time 1 contact hour; COUPON CODE: NNM2021Ethics
  • Moral Distress: A Catalyst in Building Moral Resilience 2.5 contact hours; COUPON CODE: NNM2021Resilience
  • Nurse Author: Who Me? Yes, You! 1 contact hour; COUPON CODE: NNM2021Change
*(Coupon codes valid May 1, 2021-May 31, 2021)

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