Substance Use & Withdrawal 
In this collection, learn about:
  • xylazine - a veterinary anesthetic gaining a foothold as an adulterant with heroin, speedball (cocaine and heroin mixture), and fentanyl use
  • a quality improvement project to increase access to treatment for pregnant women with opioid use disorder in an underserved community Florida
  • the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and management of patients with alcohol withdrawal syndrome
  • the issues and treatment obstacles affecting alcohol use disorder among nurses
  • the management of severe cancer-related pain in a patient with co-occurring opioid use disorder
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Critical Care/Progressive Care Training Videos 

In these 4 NEW videos, learn step-by-step instructions for ABG interpretation; brush up on normal cardiac anatomy and physiology, indications and nursing considerations for hemodynamic monitoring, and additional perfusion indicators; review respiratory physiology, oxygen delivery, noninvasive and mechanical ventilation modes and patient care; and identify the pathophysiology of the 4 types of shock, along with clinical presentation, diagnostic studies, and short- and long-term plans for management.
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