Collection Vascular Nurses

Learn about the diagnosis, assessment, and investigations related to arterial disease ulcers of the lower extremity, plus the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and nursing interventions for patients with chronic venous insufficiency.

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    • ANCC 1.0 CH
    • DC - BON 1.0 CH
    • FL - BON 1.0 CH
    • GA - BON 1.0 CH
    Test Code: N1219B
    Published: Dec 2019
    Expires: 12/3/2021
    Sources: Nursing2020
    Required Passing Score: 14/18 (77%)
    Authors: Linda Berti-Hearn, MSN, RN, CWOCN: Brenda Elliott, PhD, RN, CNE
    Collections: Vascular Nurses
  2. Price: $24.95


    • ANCC 2.5 CH
    • DC - BON 2.5 CH
    • FL - BON 2.5 CH
    Test Code: ASWC0914
    Published: Sep 2014
    Expires: 9/3/2021
    Required Passing Score: 13/18 (72%)
    Authors: Gregory Ralph Weir, MBChB, MMed(Surg); Hiske Smart, MA, RN, PG Dip(UK), IIWCC (Toronto); Jacobus van Marle, MBChB, MMEd(Surg); Frans Johannes Cronje, MBChB(UP), BSc(Hons), MSc
    Collections: Vascular Nurses
    Specialties: Medical-Surgical, Wound

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