Collection Never Events: Falls

Assessing fall risk is an important nursing responsibility. Read these articles to learn evidence-based interventions to reduce falls and injuries, understand the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model, and learn about the importance of and how to perform the Timed Up and Go test.

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    • ANCC 2.1 CH
    • DC - BON 2.1 CH
    • FL - BON 2.0 CH
    Test Code: HHCN0713B
    Published: July/August 2013
    Expires: 6/4/2021
    Passing Score: 12/16 (75%)
    Authors: Kristen Murphy PT, MS, DPT, Susan Lowe PT, DPT, MS, GCS, CEEAA
    Collections: Never Events: Falls
    Specialties: Gerontology, Home Health
    Topics: Cohort Study
  2. Price: $17.95


    • ANCC 1.5 CH
    • DC - BON 1.5 CH
    • FL - BON 1.5 CH
    Test Code: JBIBP0912
    Published: October 2012
    Expires: 9/3/2021
    Passing Score: 7/10 (70%)
    Authors: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Joanna Briggs Institute
    Collections: Never Events: Falls
    Specialties: Gerontology
  3. Price: $24.95


    • ANCC 2.5 CH
    • DC - BON 2.5 CH
    • FL - BON 2.5 CH
    Test Code: AJNTT04
    Published: November 2007
    Expires: 3/6/2020
    Passing Score: 11/15 (73%)
    Authors: Ann Hendrich MSN, RN, FAAN
    Collections: Never Events: Falls
    Media: PDF

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