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It's important for nurses to have a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology of the neurologic system. Read these articles to understand the components of the skull and their role in maintaining integrity and normal intracranial pressure, and how innate compensatory mechanisms attempt to prevent the destructive effects of cerebral ischemia and injury. Also, fine tune your documentation of a neurologic assessment using the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), and learn how important pupillometer readings and intracranial pressure (ICP) values are when caring for neurocritically ill patients.

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    • ANCC 1.5 CH
    • DC - BON 1.5 CH
    • FL - BON 1.5 CH
    • GA - BON 1.5 CH
    Test Code: JNN0717
    Published: Aug 2017
    Expires: 6/3/2022
    Required Passing Score: 14/20 (70%)
    Authors: Molly McNett, PhD RN CNRN; Cristina Moran, MSN RN CCRN; Clare Janki, BSN RN; Anastasia Gianakis, MSN RN
  2. Price: $17.95


    • ANCC 1.8 CH
    • DC - BON 1.8 CH
    • FL - BON 1.5 CH
    Test Code: JTN0514B
    Published: May/Jun 2014
    Expires: 6/3/2022
    Required Passing Score: 14/18 (77%)
    Authors: Bonnie Hansen, BSN, RN, TNS; Jacque Quick, BSA, RN, TNS; Eva Sinkovits, MS, RN, TNS; June C. Smith, MSN, RN, TNS
    Collections: Neurotrauma
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    • ANCC 2.0 CH
    • DC - BON 2.0 CH
    • FL - BON 2.0 CH
    • GA - BON 2.0 CH
    Test Code: DCCN0609
    Published: September/October 2006
    Expires: 9/3/2021
    Required Passing Score: 14/18 (77%)
    Authors: Janice Eigsti, RN, BSN, CCRN; Kim Henke, RN, MSN, MPA
    Categories: Neurological
    Specialties: Critical Care, Neurology
    Topics: Stroke
    Media: PDF

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