Collection Ethical Issues at the End-of-Life

Many of us encounter ethical dilemmas quite often in our practice. When it comes to end-of-life issues, these dilemmas can have a profound impact on us as individuals; it can be challenging to process our own beliefs and advocate for the wishes of our patients and their loved ones.

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    • ANCC 2.0 CH
    • DC - BON 2.0 CH
    • FL - BON 2.0 CH
    Test Code: NP1114A
    Published: Nov 2014
    Expires: 9/4/2020
    Required Passing Score: 12/17 (70%)
    Authors: Joan M. Nelson, DNP, ANP-BC; Tessa C. Nelson, BA
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    • ANCC 2.3 CH
    • DC - BON 2.3 CH
    • FL - BON 2.0 CH
    Test Code: CNJ0111A
    Published: January/March 2011
    Expires: 3/5/2021
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    • ANCC 2.8 CH
    • DC - BON 2.8 CH
    • FL - BON 2.5 CH
    Test Code: JONA0709
    Published: July/September 2009
    Expires: 9/4/2020
    Required Passing Score: 13/18 (72%)
    Authors: Marcia Sue DeWolf Bosek DNSc, RN
    Categories: Legal/Ethical , Management
    Specialties: Management
    Media: PDF

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