Collection Workplace Safety

Occupation hazards surround us in nursing. From needlesticks and patient handling injuries, to infection risk and violence, it's imperative that we take precautions to ensure our own safety.

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    • ANCC 2.0 CH
    • DC - BON 2.0 CH
    • FL - BON 2.0 CH
    • GA - BON 2.0 CH
    Test Code: AJN0516A
    Published: May 2016
    Expires: 3/5/2021
    Required Passing Score: 12/16 (75%)
    Authors: Jeanne Geiger-Brown, PhD, RN, FAAN; Knar Sagherian, MS, RN, Shijun Zhu, PhD; Margaret Ann Wieroniey, RN; Lori Blair, MS, MBA, RN; Joan Warren, PhD, RN, FAAN; Pamela S. Hinds, PhD, RN, FAAN; Rose Szeles, MS, RN, NE-BC
    Collections: CESaver , Workplace Safety
    Specialties: Research
  2. Price: $20.00


    • ANCC 2.0 CH
    • DC - BON 2.0 CH
    • FL - BON 2.0 CH
    Test Code: ON0513B
    Published: May/June 2013
    Expires: 6/4/2021
    Required Passing Score: 13/17 (76%)
    Authors: Linda Stevens, Susan Rees, Karen V. Lamb, Deborah Dalsing
    Collections: Workplace Safety
  3. Price: $24.95


    • ANCC 2.9 CH
    • DC - BON 2.9 CH
    • FL - BON 2.5 CH
    Test Code: AJN0111A
    Published: January 2011
    Expires: 12/4/2020
    Required Passing Score: 12/16 (75%)
    Authors: Marion Rita Alex RN, MN, CNM
    Collections: Workplace Safety
    Categories: Reproductive Health
    Specialties: Maternal-Child
    Topics: Pneumonia , Poisoning
    Media: PDF

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